It was a small club, rather  intimate.  It seemed like we were spending a night with an old friend.  I guess we were.  Jon said he was a YES freak just like the rest of us, and we all applauded.   


He played a midi guitar, and when someone called out Turn of the Century he asked us to bear with him while he tried to remember it.  He got through it.

He spoke about John Lennon.  & talked about Rick Wakeman's solo performances.  Rick's tour was half music half comedy ~ funny stories about the old days and magic mushrooms.

He told us the story of how to get stage time at a local school he did musical seminars.  When two kids were whispering he asked what were they talking about.  The answer came back how good the music was.  

He talked some more about the magic mushrooms everyone took back in the old days.  And how one day he was writing a song, and it was a song about God.  The thanking of Buddha, Mohammed and Jesus .  Maybe it was because of the mushrooms, but the song took thirty years to write.  And then he sang it for us with a taped chorus of children.  It was beautiful.
  He told the story of breaking his back, and sitting at the piano, and realizing he could  play the piano and sing.  Well Duh.  He's Jon Anderson of YES of course he can.

After the show, you could stay and meet Jon and his family, but

We had a very tired Blonde Rick of our own to take home and put to bed.


Kat Just learned to make snowglobes, so she had to make of Jon.